Bin Of The Month - The New Citybac 240L bin


Our bin of the month, in February 2023, has been the new Citybac 240L because it has been designed with the end user in mind for ease of use.

We have been shouting about all the new features that differ from the previous versions, about how it will affect the end user, how it is better for the environment and much more.
It is, in fact, our most environmentally friendly bin to date.

It is the sports car of the bin world.

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So, what is new?


The new Citybac 240L bin has an entire range of new features to enhance the product.

So here is what is new?

- All parts of the Citybac 240L are 100% recyclable.

- They are made with a higher proportion of recycled plastic. Using 80% post-consumer recycled content.

- The production process uses 82% less CO2.

- They are lighter, which makes them easier to manoeuvre when full.

- The bins are designed with maximum stacking capabilities, allowing 20% more bins per vehicle thus reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

As well as a few other design changes, they have also reduced rain penetration by 98%, kept enough space for printing and improved mechanical features on the wheels.

citybac 240l bin

So why is it the sports car of the bin world?


It’s a great comparison, bins don’t get much better than this.

Like a sports car it has been expertly designed and made using the best technology. It is now slim lined, light and ergonomic for better handling.

It looks great too.

And what is better? It does not cost any more than a regular 240L bin, unlike a sports car.

So, if you want to buy the equivalent of a Ferrari, buy the new Citybac 240L bin.


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