Putting your waste underground with an Underground Refuse System (URS)

Have you ever thought of putting your waste underground? Sounds like something you shouldn’t do right?

However, that is exactly what people in the UK are starting to do with their rubbish using an Underground Refuse System (URS), or an Iceberg bin.


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The use of URS’s has been popular in the rest of Europe for years and it has started to gain popularity in the UK as the benefits out-way the cons.

So, what are they? Here are all your questions answered.

What’s the product?

An underground refuse system (URS) allows for large quantities of waste or recycling material to be deposited and then subsequently stored underground, out of sight. It helps to tackle waste pollution but can also lower the cost of logistics and CO2 emissions too.


Where is this solution typically used?

These products are very popular where there is a high density of people, for example flats or apartments in a built-up urban environment. That said they can equally lend themselves to environments such as parks, beaches, amusement parks etc.


How does the solution work?

Waste or recycling is deposited through a waste pillar or receptacle at street level which then falls into a large underground container, offering much higher storage capacity than a standard Eurobin. The URS is then emptied by a collection vehicle which lifts the unit out of the ground, and it is emptied over the waste collection vehicle and then returned to the ground ready for use once again.

ice berg

To get a better picture of how they work, watch this video>> https://youtu.be/map40kfL0W8



Benefits of the solution?

Space saving, aesthetically pleasing, no odours, reduced logistics and CO2.

The URS can also be supplied with real time fill level monitoring and access control technology. The fill level technology allows each unit to report back when it requires emptying, so the waste collection team ONLY visit when required. As you can imagine this offers potentially large savings in terms of fuel and resource, as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions.

For the access control tech, it allows access to authorised users ONLY and features amongst other things report data to analyse usage and interaction by residents and users alike.


Why choose Orwak Easi?

We have over 2 decades of experience in URS solutions and offer a complete solution, including but not limited to:

Product Supply and installation support
Project Management
Maintenance and washing services
Unit upgrades and end of life replacements.


Rest assured you will be in safe hands if you choose us.

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